Programs: 2 1/2 to 6 years
We offer a variety of extra curricular activites for the children to participate in all year.  In the fall we offer gymnastics, in the windter we offer music and singing, in the spring are Spanish lessons and in the summer we offer swim lessons.
The preschool atmoshere is nurturing, flexible, and respectful.  Children learn to work for themselves rather than for approval.  They have many opportunities to be social as well as the freedom to choose their own activities.  The classroom is carefully designed to provide a variety of challenging and creative learning experiences.  The children take daily walks and go to the Hult Center once a month to watch performances.  Our two lead teachers have worked at EWEB CDC for at least 11 years each.
This program provides a unique learning environment for ages 4-6 years.  Older children preparing for kindergarten have small group time with the classroom teacher to work on language, math, and other skills.  The focus is on choosing age-appropriate activities that are challenging and will help them be excited about learning.  Walking field trips to the Hult Center, the downtown library, 5th St. Market and other child-friendly downtown locations occur on a weekly basis.  Our lead teacher has worked for EWEB CDC for 12 years and the co-teacher for 4 years.